What is Krav & Cub?
Krav & Cub is a unique, family-oriented Self Defense program where parent and child train together and grow together. Krav & Cub program teaches both children and parents the art of self-defense while creating a strong bond between the two. Krav & Cub combines three martial arts into one: Krav Maga, Karate, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and uses a new method of teaching these arts by leveraging the advantage of parent’s involvement in his kid development. With its new approach, Krav & Cub is a training system that enhances kids learning curve in all aspects of Self-Defense, fitness, Coordination and focus. They do so while having fun and motivating the child to be better.
What? Where? Who for? 

Krav & Cub is one on one training that is suitable for children ages 4-10 who practice one-on-one with their parent. It is suitable for all women and men, girls and boys.  Training includes a wide variety of unique drills to improve self defense skills, fitness, coordination, and focus. Many of the drills will involve training equipment such as fit-balls and different kind of pads.

Krav & Cub is a unique program, developed by Shlomi Katz, that combines three martial arts into one:

  • KravMaga – A practical and realistic form of self-defense and physical fitness developed by the Israeli Defense Forces, which combines techniques from various martial arts, and is known as the most effective self-defense system for reality-based situations.
  • Karate – Provides the traditional disciplines, such as focus and movement skills. Karate is primarily a striking art, using such techniques as kicking, striking, punching, and open-hand techniques, mostly in standing position, as self defense.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Provides the basis of ground fighting and leverage, which is extremely important to children’s self defense. By using proper technique and leverage, a smaller and weaker person can successfully defend himself against a larger and stronger assailant.
Train Together, Learn Together, Grow Together
In addition to the various self-defense skills you will learn with your child,
Krav& Cub has many unique advantages:

Train together with your child during practice sessions

Train your child at his own pace, leverage his strengths, and help him with his challenges. One on one practice is extremely effective, much like personal training, and can help your child grow and become stronger in a much faster pace than practicing with other children in a regular class setting.

Be empowered as the coach

Discover how to help your child learn the art by being his sparring partner and his personal coach. Become the coach without really being a master in martial arts yourself and gain leadership skills that will aid you in all aspects of your personal and professional life..Krav& Cub’s goal is to help both the child and the parent develop together, both physically and mentally.

Take an active part in your child’s development

Support your child technically and mentally. Take an active part of that self-development and growth. Each child has unique challenges and their own progress that parents many times cannot experience since they are not present at school or in class with their children.

Share the challenge with your child

Learn together and be evaluated together, unlike traditional extracurricular activities where children are alone. Show your child how you learn and grow and teach them the benefits of perseverance, persistence, and being goal-oriented. Demonstrate a side of yourself that your child does not typically see at home - with Kra& Cub, you are the student as much as your child.

Learn games and drills to practice together even at home

Improvement in martial arts requires more than just a weekly class. In this program you will learn many games that you can practice together. Utilize your at-home time together to continue to grow and practice.

Bond with your child over common ground

Enjoy precious one-on-one time, and develop a healthy hobby together. Learn and gain important self-defense skills in a friendly and fun environment while showing your child that when you work hard, you can achieve any goal. Showing is always better than verbally teaching, and by watching you learn, your child will be motivated to learn as well, and will see you in a different light, as a peer and not just as a parent.

Interested to attend Krav & Cub in your area?

Krav & Cub developed by Shlomi Katz; Shlomi Katz has been training in martial arts for over 30 years and has been teaching youth and adults for the past 22 years. He served as the head of the Krav Maga Training unit at the LOTAR – The Counter Terror School (CTU) for the elite forces of the Israeli Defense Forces. Recognizing the importance of self-defense classes for both children and adults, and having searched for an extracurricular activity to attend with his own children, Krav & Cub was born. His vision is to strengthen the bond between parent and child while learning important skills that will help each child develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Shlomi Katz is the founder and Chief Instructor of KravZone, Bay Area’s Krav Maga, MMA and Fitness Center.