You can become a Krav & Cub Instructor and community leader.

Expand your career & boost your income; Training Krav & Cub to a group of parents and their kiddos is actually a fun job since students are practically having fun and playing with each other. The class will usually take place on weekends or evenings. Trainings are on top of instructor’s regular day job, where he can boost his income significantly by only working (and enjoying) couple of hours a week.

Mental Rewarding experience; Krav & Cub is more than a regular Self Defense, it brings parents closer to their children, and instructors admit they enjoy a rewarding feeling of strengthening the bond in families and improving the world we live in.

To become a Certified Krav & Cub Instructor

1. Pre – requisites: People with previous martial arts experience in a recognized martial art and ranked as at least a blue belt. Once registered they will need to pass an entrance interview and exam

2. Registration, after submitting your info, you will be tested to determine marital art level and you will attend a personal interview

3. Certification, You will participate in a three-day seminar of Krav & Cub Instructor Training, and then pass the certification exam,

4. Krav & Cub Instructors network (KCIN), to get exclusive access to variety of resources and specialty weekly training programs, we will provide you with a supportive training materials that will turn you into a successful instructor and community leader.

Krav & Cub Instructor Training

Course duration: 3 full days, 9AM- 4PM

Participation Fee: according to level

Monthly membership Krav & Cub Instructor Network

Click register now to submit your information, and a Krav & Cub representative will contact you shortly to schedule the next steps.

* You think you can be a great Krav & Cub instructor but not entirely meet the pre-requisites; Please submit your request here and will review your request on a case-by-case basis.